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Growth Consulting Agency

UI, UX and Website Consulting

As part of our comprehensive Website Consulting, our Hackabu Growth Consulting team analyzes your company’s web store or online presence as a basis for coming up with specific website improvements.

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Consulting Approach

This consulting approach focuses on your website analytics, user interface (UI), user experience (UX) as well as the desired user journey and conversions.

We will also give you specific SEO, URL, keyword and content recommendations for an improved search engine optimization. Through the implementation of our growth measures, you will be able to significantly improve your Google rankings as a result of optimized on-page, technical and off-page SEO variables.

Our website consulting also includes the analysis of your landing pages, whereby we will mention any additional landing pages that may be needed to increase your company’s overall traffic and conversion rate, ultimately generating more leads.

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Online Analytics and Tracking

A functioning website tracking is the prerequisite of any successful online company presence. Only if you can track and quantitatively measure the respective user journeys up to the desired actions, goals or conversions, a serious website analysis and interpretation can take place.

Once you have given us access to your online analytics, such as Google Analytics or Matomo, we take a closer look at your data and look at the performance of your marketing and sales activities in much detail.

In addition to Google’s statistics, we work with Google Tag Manager to ensure that all conversions are properly defined and set up. In many cases, we add additional marketing and sales goals to make your business success even more measurable.

To better assess the quality of your technical SEO efforts, we also work with Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool.

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Website UI and UX Design

As specialists in UI and UX design world, we are happy to analyze your individual steps along the user journey, so that you only lose as few as possible leads on the way up until they purchase your product or take the desired actions.

To best understand your website's user journey, our Hackabu Growth Consulting experts work with various growth tools, such as speed tests or heatmaps from Hotjar, to understand which areas on your website are attracting the most attention and performing the best.

If you wish, we can also completely redesign and SEO-optimize your website. In this case, we will implement all of our suggestions regarding your website’s user interface, user experience and search engine friendly content upon your approval. For this, we can either work with a CMS system, such as WordPress or Webflow, or custom code your website from scratch.

Our Growth Consulting team is equally familiar with the design of e-commerce web stores and corporate websites. Depending on whether you want to have your company homepage created in a rather affordable way or are looking for a complex webshop solution, our website design experts will cater to your needs, so we achieve your online marketing goals together as a team.

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