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Marketing Automation

Marketing and Sales Automation has become a popular marketing discipline, which is why more and more companies and industries are adapting automation for smooth and efficient workflow management.

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Increased Efficiency

Not only can resources and thus personnel costs be saved, automation can also lead to multiple other benefits that are often based on algorithms and automated machine learning.

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting team uses various marketing automation techniques and programs that benefit our clients, make repetitive processes redundant and hence increase their efficiency.

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Email Workflow Automation

In email marketing and especially in terms of newsletter and email mailing creation, the use of automated workflows is becoming increasingly important. Automation is a topic and skill that not only concerns large companies, but also SMEs and start-ups due to considerable efficiency advantages, where there are often only limited resources available.

In order to set up a custom email workflow process in the best possible way, a company analysis is required in which the online presence, the current service offering and internal processes are being properly analyzed and reviewed. As a result of this status quo analysis and our experience in Marketing and Growth Hacking, our Hackabu Growth Consulting team will create a suggestion of how the ideal email workflow for your company could look like.

This overview will take into account your USPs, the essential communication messages, the ideal sending intervals of the individual emails and, above all, the triggers that guide your customers through the respective email workflow in an action dependent and fully automated manner.

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CRM Integration

Many of our customers already have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or an existing link of their email, online, offline and CRM data.

This is relevant because we can only set up automated marketing measures if we can divide the respective customers into different groups. This is usually done on the basis of certain actions or triggers, but could also depend on other variables, such as demographics or interest-based factors.

If your company does not have a CRM system yet, we would be happy to evaluate your initial situation and specific needs in order to identify the ideal CRM program for you, such as Salesforce for larger companies or Social CRM softwares for companies with a social media affinity.

If you wish, we are also available to advise on the set-up or help with the implementation, whereby we will incorporate our knowledge from similar previous projects, so that all aspects of marketing automation and CRM marketing can already be taken into account when setting up your custom CRM system.

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Process Automation

Just as our Hackabu Growth Consulting team constantly optimizes and automates our own internal processes, we can also help your company with process automation.

We would be pleased to analyze your individual situation in order to identify in a structured way all relevant automation potentials for your company.

You can also ask us to take this into account accordingly when working on your Growth Analysis or Strategy.

Generally speaking, the fewer internal resources or the more processes you have, the more beneficial marketing automation could be for you.

Simply fill out our contact form to learn more about Marketing and Sales Automation and how it could make your life easier.

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