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Lead Generation

These days, you hear many people talk about Lead Generation, but what is it actually about? Learn more about this exciting marketing skill that will help your business find more relevant contacts, that can be transformed into actual clients.

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Goal of Lead Generation

The aim of our lead generation approach is to acquire new contacts that can be converted into actual new customers at the targeted conversion rate.

Within the framework of a lead generation strategy, we take a detailed look at the desired target group of our customers and evaluate which marketing and sales channels could be used to acquire the most relevant business customers short- and long-term.

This is a tool from business to business (B2B) lead generation, i.e. it has a focus on the corporate customer sector, whereby a wide range of considerations and channels can be included in order to reach the respective target group in the best possible way.

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Identification of New Leads

As a first step, it is important to develop a targeted lead generation strategy.

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting team has years of experience in this area and our experts will be happy to guide you through the entire process.

As soon as a strategy has been developed and the lead generation criteria have been clearly defined, the actual generation of data from relevant business customers can begin.

A wide variety of tools will be used here, and we usually focus on those that consider the specific needs and requirements of our respective customers.

Our probably most popular lead generation approach is built on scraping, whereby relevant leads will be identified to a huge portion automatically, with manual interventions only needed for the most essential steps, such as for the scraping set-up or constant quality control.

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New Customer Acquisition via LinkedIn

As the leading social network in the professional environment and networking sector, LinkedIn is ideally suited as a marketing and sales channel in order to address and acquire relevant new customers.

With LinkedIn, there are different lead generation strategies that have proven to be successful. You could for example organize a company event on LinkedIn, or for certain markets Xing, that is tailored to the respective target group and advertise this event accordingly.

Alternatively, you could contact the relevant leads via LinkedIn outreach contact request directly or by InMail message through the LinkedIn profile of your choice. This way, you can initiate business relationships easily, using A/B testing, different types of content, tracking elements and much more to better measure various outreach and marketing measures.

One could also use a completely automated or personalized workflow to further increase the conversion rate. Another approach could be LinkedIn Ads, which can be used for various different purposes, but also quite specifically like through lead generation forms.

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New B2B Leads via Email Workflow

There are several other marketing channels that can be used to reach out to identified leads.

Amongst the two most popular measures is the so-called email outreach, where selected B2B leads can be contacted via email in addition to, or instead of, LinkedIn messages.

Together with you, we can evaluate whether a single email may be what is needed or if an automated email workflow could increase the desired KPIs even further. In many cases, A/B testing will be a good measure to test the best method of new customer acquisition for your specific situation.

To help you achieve your targets, we are happy to advise, implement and share our best practices. An additional advantage of email outreach is the possibility to use graphical and further personalized elements, even though it is important to ensure that this will have a positive impact on the desired results.

Either way, multivariate testing and other lead generation measures will be used to make the most of our B2B strategies when contacting the respective target audiences.

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