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Funnel Strategy

Every successful Sales Strategy these days is built on a functioning Sales Funnel. In Marketing this is no different, because in order to reach a desired number of conversions, you must first create a certain amount of reach.

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Funnel Stage Optimization

At each stage of the marketing and sales funnel, you will probably only be able to pass a certain percentage of people to the next stage, which is why you should reach as many leads of the right target audience as possible right at the beginning.

At Hackabu Growth Consulting, we are experts at creating corporate Funnel Strategies that work.

Whether you are a start-up, SME or large enterprise in B2C or B2B, our team of Marketers and Growth Experts will guide you in creating a goal-oriented Funnel Strategy, whether you need it for your marketing or sales.

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Conversion Focus

All sales marketing efforts have one goal - conversions, conversions, conversions! This can be achieved in two ways. Either by increasing absolute conversions - from leads to actual paying customers, or by various marketing measures to optimize the conversion rate.

When keeping these two aspects in mind, the entire sales process can be optimized by focusing internal resources and efforts on those sales activities with the highest probability of success.

At this stage, a comprehensive CRM system can be a great skill to your business as it brings together all lead and customer data. Ideally, such a system also works with reminders, through which you can schedule sales actions for specific times in the future or drive the individual phases of the sales funnel in a structured way.

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting team will be happy to help you with the set-up of a proper sales marketing, lead generation strategy or generally with a variety of sales supporting growth measures.

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Customer Journey Marketing

In Marketing, most steps of the Funnel are quite similar to a Sales Funnel, even though usually, little to no personal contact will be needed for the individual phases. Instead, as a first step, as many people in the target group as possible will need to be reached through a variety of marketing measures.

As a starting point, it makes sense to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that takes into account all four P's of Marketing as well as to consider all relevant marketing channels accordingly. Through online Performance Marketing, SEO, but also offline Marketing measures, either brand awareness or the desired conversion actions can be achieved.

You should always keep the desired customer journey in mind, because this is the basis for the desired purchases or conversions of potential customers. At Hackabu, we are specialists in data-driven Performance Marketing and are happy to support your company with the development of the ideal online customer journey and the implementation of all necessary marketing measures.

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