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Growth Consulting agency

Skills of Hackabu

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting team has expert know-how as well as a wide range of different skills in Marketing, Online Advertising and Sales.

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Fast Company Growth

Since our very beginning, we have acquired extensive expertise in terms of the most innovative Growth Consulting and Growth Hacking techniques.

Additionally, we constantly invest in further education and training because in order to support our clients in the best possible way with their business growth, nothing is more precious to us than to be at the forefront of Growth Marketers and Hackers.

Holistic Approach

We look at your whole business to generate growth.

Hands-on Mentality

We work hands-on side-by-side with our clients.

Shared Know-How

Our know-how is yours and we will make you become experts.

Long-term View

Hackabu optimizes your business sustainably.

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Lead Generation

Something more and more companies keep talking about is the process of acquiring new customers, also known as lead generation.

There are many different lead gen approaches, but they all pursue the same goal - getting more relevant contact and lead data that can be converted into actual paying customers at the targeted conversion rate.

Lead Generation is typically a Business to Business (B2B) approach as it is usually based on different principles when compared to Business to Consumer (B2C) customer acquisition.

We would be happy to help your company find the right leads for your business using our innovative Growth Hacking methods.

B2B Technique

We help you with our working B2B lead generation tools.

New Customers

We transform leads into customers for you.

Conversion Focus

Conversions will always be the ultimate growth goal.

B2C Measures

We can also identify B2C growth measures if desired.

Lead Generation
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Online Marketing

In today’s Digital Marketing, we see an ever increasing number of marketing channels, so that it may seem difficult at first glance to identify the “right” marketing channels.

So how can you come up with the best omnichannel marketing strategy and campaigns for your business? For both B2B and B2C marketing, tools like Google Ads and Facebook / Instagram Ads along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) often seem to be kind of essential these days.

But how can you make the best use of your budget, and could there be any other unthought of Online Marketing channels that could work well or even better for you?

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting team has experts from performance marketing on board, who will be happy to help you develop and implement the optimal omnichannel marketing measures.

Facebook / Instagram

We set up campaigns for you and optimize existing ones.

Google Ads

We are a partner of Google and Bing / Microsoft Ads.


Our team has a passion for Search Engine Optimization.

Website Content

Writing good A/B-tested content is the starting point.

Online Marketing
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Growth Hacking

The term Growth Hacking has often been heard of in the marketing sector, but what is it actually about?

And what are typical Growth Hacking measures?

Simply book a complimentary call with our Hackabu Growth Consulting team and we will guide you through the individual aspects of Growth Hacking and explain non-obligatory what measures would make sense for your business.

As Growth Hacking works slightly differently for every company, our custom Growth Hacking approach ensures that your company will stand out from your competition.

The goal of our Growth Hacking is always the same - to achieve the maximum possible growth for your company. What are you waiting for, let's start with a free Growth Audit today.

Growth Audit

Get inspired by Hackabu's complimentary growth audits.

Growth Generator

Use our Growth Generator for more initial growth ideas.

Periodic Growth Table

Look at our overview of possible growth measures.

Get in Touch

Reach out to us to talk in more detail about Growth Hacking.

Growth Hacking
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Marketing Automation

The word Marketing Automation is currently on everyone's lips. But what is this newfangled word all about?

Don't worry, unlike other industries, it doesn't replace marketers themselves.

However, their work is made a lot easier because processes often only have to be defined once according to certain principles - and the rest is done completely automatically.

Marketing Automation is a hot topic for many successful businesses, and that's why we love helping our customers make their internal processes simpler, more efficient and ideally fully automated.

Have you become curious? We would be more than happy to analyze the full potential of Marketing Automation for your company.


We show you how easy marketing automation can be.


The efficiency achieved will make you use more of it.


Choose between semi- and fully-automated processes.


Convenience needs to be the top-priority here.

About Automation
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UI / UX / Website Consulting

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting team is one of the forerunners regarding the optimization of websites and e-commerce online stores.

We not only take into account our expertise in optimized User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) design, but also apply our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) know-how when analyzing your online presence - because either of them would work comparatively poorly without the other one.

We therefore follow a holistic approach in which we critically examine your company's web presence and identify specific measures so that on the one hand you will get great Google rankings for your most important keywords and on the other hand, you will also have a website where people can quickly find their way around and where the desired action/s and conversion/s take place to the maximum possible extent.

User Interface

The User Interface (UI) gives users a first impression and is therefore very important.

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is about optimizing the whole online experience.

User Journey

All aspects along the user journey will be considered in our analysis.

Conversion Focus

We focus on conversions with company goals being top-prio.

UI / UX Optimization
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Funnel Strategy

Only when you have the desired goal in mind can you achieve it. What does your ideal marketing or sales funnel look like?

Giving this a lot of thought is the prerequisite for the best possible achievement of your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Based on a comprehensive analysis of your status quo, we will be happy to develop the optimal funnel strategy for your company.

In doing so, we proceed in a structured way and realistically assess the respective bounce rates from funnel to funnel stage, but at the same time optimize them by means of different Growth Hacking Tools in such a way that the loss of potential leads can be kept as low as possible.

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting experts are here to help you in an advisory capacity or, if you wish, also by implementing them, so that your conversions can be maximized.


Awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, referral is what counts.

Low Bounce Rates

Minimizing bounce rates is one of our major goals.

Attention to Detail

Every step along the sales funnel is equally important.

User Journey

Keeping the user journey in mind makes us succeed.

Funnel Strategy
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Social Listening

When reaching a certain company size, you can no longer afford not to know what customers and partners are talking about your business, which is why Social Listening has become more and more essential.

While back in the days, most client feedback would be directed at companies directly, e.g. in the form of letters, phone calls and emails, in recent years this has shifted heavily to Social Media - with many desired yet unwanted side effects.

Who hasn't witnessed a Social Media Shitstorm in recent months? An event that most companies would like to avoid, if possible.

With our Social Listening Tool, we can help your business to always be informed about the criticism, but also the praise of your customers and partners alike.

Simply arrange a free demo appointment, where we will guide you through the various functions and features of our Social Listening Tool.

Social Media Focus

Our tool focuses on international and regional Social Media channels.

Online Monitoring

We also monitor blogs, forums, news and other online channels.

Sentiment Analysis

Our software considers mood, positive and negative client attitudes.

Real-time Analysis

Social listening with us becomes possible anytime in real-time.

Social Listening
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Response Modeling

For many mid-sized or larger companies all the way up to international corporations, marketing campaign subject planning is often based on personal opinions rather than solid, data-driven decisions and considerations.

This is a pity because a lot of money is lost this way, especially when the effects of large above-the-line (ATL) campaigns are only marginally felt. Our Response Modelling Tool helps your company find the right marketing messages and subjects for your ideal target audience based on profound market research.

Response Modelling generates up to hundreds of different marketing messages and tests them representatively for the desired target market - before you invest a lot of money in your next marketing campaign.

Not only can regional differences be taken into account through Response Modelling, but also different demographic criteria. This allows you to push the marketing messages that are most appealing to your respective customer groups and hence keep ROI aspects in mind when planning your next marketing campaign.

Message Creation

Wir schlagen bis zu 100 verschiedene Botschaften vor.

Fine Tuning

Diese Messages werden mit Hilfe von KI feinadjustiert.

Market Research

Alle Botschaften werden per Marktforschung getestet.

Interactive Tool

Nutzen Sie unser interaktives Response Modelling Tool.

Response Modeling
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