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Online Tools and Research

At Hackabu Growth Consulting, we work with a variety of different digital Marketing, Sales as well as Growth Hacking Tools. These resources help us to identify, implement and subsequently evaluate the most relevant growth potentials.

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Research & Marketing Tools

In addition, we offer various research and market research tools that enable us to determine and better understand the sentiment, opinions and views of potential leads, target groups and customers.

One of our most important principles and skills at Hackabu Growth Consulting is the tracking of all implemented marketing and sales measures, which we can achieve through our tracking tools.

Success from our viewpoint is only real success if it is measurable and can be traced back to specific Marketing and Growth Hacking activities.

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Response Modelling

Hackabu is the exclusive provider of the Response Modelling® Tool in the German-speaking DACH region and, upon request, even worldwide.

With this tool, aspects of consumer and market research lead into the identification of the right brand messages, while also applying our innovative approach to finding as well as testing new, creative marketing and campaign subjects.

If you are a medium-sized or large company, the use of our Response Modelling Tool makes a lot of sense because it allows product positioning to be done in the best possible way and unnecessary marketing expenses to be avoided.

Response Modelling has been used by international brands for a while now as strategic mistakes can be costly or even damaging to a company’s brand. We would be happy to present our market research tool to you as part of a complimentary demo.

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Social Listening Tool

Another popular tool in Marketing and among our clients is Social Listening. Rather new to the market a few years ago, Social Listening is gaining more and more strategic importance, and meanwhile also many SMEs are using it.

Because not knowing what your own customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders think about your company or share online can have fatal consequences.

Social Listening is a form of online media monitoring, whereby online comments, articles and posts from all market participants are evaluated in real time and processed within the framework of our Social Listening Tool.

This contains sentiment analysis, but also various graphs and charts, which give you a quick understanding of the current market situation on Social Media, blogs, in forums and many more online channels.

Social Listening also helps limit possible consequences of shitstorms by highlighting them in real time, allowing companies to intervene before they get out of control.

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Growth Generator

Our Growth Hack Generator is a popular Growth Hacking Tool that can be used to identify relevant growth measures.

We provide this tool free of charge to give existing and potential customers initial growth ideas.

It is best to try out our Growth Hack Generator for yourself and feel free to let us know what you think.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Hackabu Growth Consulting Team anytime.

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Periodic Growth Table

Already in the first chemistry lesson at school or university, you are introduced to the periodic table as the basis of all chemical processes.

The same principle applies to our Periodic Growth Table, which displays the fundamental basics of Growth Hacking and Consulting.

This table explains in a simple and clear way, which factors can generate business growth for you.

We offer our Periodic Growth Table for your convenience free of charge. In the course of a collaboration with us, we then identify all relevant growth measures in a prioritized order, whereby we like to work here with the renowned ICE score.

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