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Response Modelling

What positioning is the right one?
Which product is most likely to be purchased?
And which offer appeals most to potential customers?

By creating all conceivable marketing messages with AI support, and then empirically evaluating them, we find and predict the messages with the highest proven probability of success - before a single Euro is invested in marketing or advertising.

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Finding the right Marketing Messages

Response Modelling ensures that you use the right marketing arguments for your respective target group when planning your next marketing campaign.

Hackabu develops with AI support all possible messages for you (often hundreds) and identifies from these, through a representative market research study, the messages that are most likely to trigger the behavior you would like to see from your target audience in your target markets.

We also give you access to our visual, interactive Response Modelling Tool, which not only allows you to view the results in detail, but also gives you access to correlations, demographic data and many other filtering options and functions.

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What is Response Modelling?

Response Modelling is a modern yet proven market research approach, in which the responses of potential customers to various advertising messages are statistically collected and evaluated.

Particularly with high-reach ATL marketing campaigns, it can happen that you notice too late to have chosen a message or an offer that either does not trigger the desired behavior or, in the worst case, even leads to rejection in the target group.

Especially for larger companies and corporations, it is important to have certainty regarding the messages or offers to be used, and to use only those messages in campaigns that are most likely to trigger the desired behavior in the target group, that ensure clear positioning, and to clearly differentiate own products and services from those of the competition.

With Response Modelling, this is possible in two ways - on the one hand, through comprehensive, systematized message conception and analysis, and on the other hand, by testing the individual messages, which often amount to over a hundred, using recognized  market research methods.

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Which Companies can benefit from Response Modelling?

The Hackabu Response Modeling approach has been successfully used by international corporations for years. Originally developed by our partner Factive from Denmark, we are constantly optimizing and developing our approach.

In this way, we can ensure that your marketing messages are almost certain to work and to achieve the desired result. We ensure this by testing all possible messages in advance in the desired target groups for success and approval.

This could be new positioning, products, offers or even pure advertising messages, which are developed in our systematized brainstorming creative process in the course of the Response Modelling project. Would you now like to know whether Response Modelling is suitable for your company?

This complex market research approach is especially recommended for companies with a medium to large marketing or sales budget. With proven targeted messages that produce better results, combined with less required media budget, the positive effects usually far outweigh the costs of our Response Modelling tool.

We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on Response Modelling. Please reach out to us for a non-binding quote.

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