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Growth Hacking for Business Growth

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting team in Europe specializes in innovative, creative Growth Hacking methods. Book a free Growth Audit to find out more about our techniques and how we can help your business growth fast.

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Growth Tools

Our Growth Hacking approach uses various Growth Marketing and Sales tools to quickly identify a variety of growth potentials for your company.

We work with start-ups, SMEs and large international corporations because business growth through growth hacking is possible in many different ways.

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Our Growth Hacking Approach

At Hackabu Growth Consulting, our Growth Hacking Approach is focused on marketing and sales optimization.

We help you with targeted growth, based on data-driven decisions, solid ROI tracking of your market activities and a profound underlying marketing strategy.

Our Growth Hacking philosophy is built on the following steps.

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1. Analysis

The basis for growth

We analyze your company's data and KPIs and determine those that are most relevant to your current business needs and growth aspirations.

Our growth hackers identify potential growth areas (e.g. new channels, audiences, markets, etc.) and integrate them into our Growth Hacking strategies.

We put together an initial Growth Experiment Backlog full of experiments and ideas that we can implement together.

2. Strategy

From experiments to sustainable growth

Our team of Growth Hackers will analyze your data and identify potential growth drivers. Based on this, we can conduct, optimize and then repeat targeted Growth Experiments to achieve sustainable business growth.

The interplay of analysis, methodology and implementation of the entire growth hacking process enables us to quickly identify which growth strategies work and which do not.

By continuously tracking your data online, we keep track of your growth and company data at all times. We work with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, various pixels, tracking links and many other tools, programs and statistics to keep an eye on your KPIs and conversions.

3. Implementation

Agile implementation of growth experiments

Our growth hacking services will help your business in these areas:

- Growth Analysis- Growth Strategy & Objectives (OKRs)

- Implementation of Growth Experiments- Learnings & Growth Optimization

- Knowledge Transfer

4. Know-how

Optimization for maximum impact

Our Growth Hacking projects are structured in "Growth Loops" (2-week sprints) to ensure gradual growth and constant learning development.

We are also happy to share this knowledge with you to enable know-how transfer.

Our Growth Hacking consulting works with sustainable processes instead of isolated immediate measures to enable long-term growth and the sustainable establishment of knowledge in your company.

Iteration for maximum impact

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Growth Loop 1

Our philosophy is to grow via loops.


Growth Loop 2

We plan in sprints, hence why we review goals bi-weekly.


Growth Loop 3

A/B testing and reliable tracking pushes our clients' growth.


Growth Loop 4

Constant experimenting and learning is what brings us forward.

Our Growth Hacking Principles

Customer Centric

Our customer and service-centered approach is what makes our collaborations so fruitful.

Omni Marketing

An endless consideration yet pointed array of marketing channels is what drives growth.

Maximum Efficiency

Automation takes over, which helps our clients and ourselves to achieve maximum efficiency.


Data is literally the basis of Hackabu's thinking, hence why we only accept arguments that are based on facts and figures.


Big data brings big opportunities. This is why we love spreadsheets and data mining.


Changing environments require agile response to achieve top results and desirable outcomes.

From SAFe to TOGAF

Let us show you complex frameworks, like the Open Group Architecture Framework.

Story tellers at heart

Content is king and advertising has never been more precise, aren't we all story tellers at heart?


UI/UX dominate the landscape, having solid experience here can significantly drive growth.


Being successful in 2021 means you got to have some type of digital supremacy.


Without a strategy, how do you know where you are going? Let us assist you with this!

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