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Growth Consulting Agency

Growth Consulting

Hackabu Growth Consulting is one of Europe's leading advisors in the field of growth consulting for companies.

This is where the expert knowledge of our multidisciplinary team in the areas of online Marketing, Growth Hacking and Sales comes into play.

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Growth Experts & Advisors

For each client, we choose the Hackabu team member with the most expertise in the respective field.

While start-ups often prefer speaking to just one Hackabu consultant, many SMEs or international corporations wish to be served by several experts of our Hackabu Growth Consulting team.

Our working language is English, which allows us to work in an agile and international way, but we are also happy to serve your company in German or any other language we speak.

In addition to Growth and Business Consulting, we also offer numerous other services.

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Consulting Expertise

Hackabu Growth Consulting was originally founded to help companies grow as quickly as possible within the framework of our Growth Hacking ideology. In doing so, we have acquired a myriad of skills in digitalization, automation, marketing, and sales optimization.

While we usually start our client collaboration with a comprehensive Growth Analysis, many clients want us to be their Growth Consultant instead of, or mostly right after our Growth Analysis.

How does a collaboration with us work? First, we agree on the desired goals of your company, because part of our Hackabu philosophy is that everything must be measurable - including your business success and the outcome of our collaboration.

Our Growth Marketing team is very flexible, agile and works at your preferred times through varied communication media, such as phone calls, Slack messages, emails or video calls.

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Growth Consulting Focus

As a result of our diverse, multicultural background, we are not only growth experts in the German-speaking area, but also incorporate the latest marketing and sales knowledge from the Anglican region.

Through our international consulting know-how, our consultants have a broad background and are well aware of the latest business consulting tools, trends and techniques with a focus on Growth Consulting, whereby we can put an emphasis on any topic you require.

Whether you need support with your marketing strategy, want to increase your sales in a creative way, are looking for an SEO / Social / Website Consultant or would like to have us design your Marketing and Sales Campaigns in a way that leads to as many sales as possible, our interdisciplinary team of Marketing and Growth Consultants will be happy to guide you through your next challenge.

Close coordination and building a personal relationship with our clients is very important to us, because only when you trust each other can you achieve great things - together with our marketing consultancy, for example, the 100% Hackabu Growth Effect.

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