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Growth Consulting Agency

Growth Analysis and Strategy

Bei Hackabu Growth Consulting basiert 99,9% unserer Arbeit auf fundierten Analysen. Wir diskutieren gerne unterschiedliche Meinungen, kreative Ideen und Denkansätze, lassen aber schlussendlich die Daten für sich sprechen.

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Growth Potential & Drivers

With our approach, we can quickly determine from an outside perspective what potentials and growth drivers exist for your company. These growth measures in combination with the identified marketing and sales measures are then taken into account accordingly as part of your Growth Strategy.

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Business Analysis Prerequisites

As a starting point, we want to get to know you and your company better. To do this, we aim to have a good understanding of the processes and Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) of your business, because good positioning is the prerequisite for solid company growth.

As part of our Growth and Business Analysis, which is tailored to your specific company needs, our Hackabu Growth Consulting team looks at your entire online presence, your positioning strategy so far as well as your USPs in order to subsequently identify your market potential, growth levers as well as concrete marketing, growth hacking and sales measures.

If your USPs are not yet clearly communicated, we will also provide you with extensive input here as part of our analysis paper and an optional workshop to go through the upcoming growth and change process. The exciting thing about our work is that every customer project is exciting and unique.

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Growth Analysis Tools

To accomplish your Growth Analysis effectively, our Growth Hacking experts work with a variety of different tools that are specifically tailored to your company.

When choosing the most suitable marketing tools for your business, we consider tried and tested methods, programs and concepts as well as the very latest Growth Hacking tools and techniques.

Our constant internal and external training ensures that our Hackabu Growth Consulting experts are always up to date with the latest developments. Depending on where we focus the growth analysis at your company, these will obviously vary.

Visit our Skills section to get a better understanding of our marketing, growth hacking and sales expertise. Alternatively, why not book a complimentary appointment or call with us, where we can personally walk you through our diverse range of Marketing, Growth Hacking and Sales services.

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Growth Strategy Development

Once our Growth Consulting team has identified all relevant growth measures and has discussed plus prioritized them together with you, we will develop a Growth Strategy for your company.

It is important that for this Strategy, your previous marketing activities as well as a holistic view of your company's situation will be taken into account, including your specific industry situation of course.

A good marketing and growth strategy from our point of view is only useful if it is measurable, which is why we define KPIs for all steps within the marketing funnel.

This way, we know at each step of the process, what marketing and sales goals are being targeted, which facilitates data-driven decisions and proven growth optimizations so we can maximize your targeted conversions. Look up our consulting packages to see what services will be included as part of the Growth Strategy.

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