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Growth Consulting Agency

Services at Hackabu

Our service offering at Hackabu Growth Consulting is innovative and diverse. Each of our clients is unique and therefore our services are tailored to your specific business needs.

Still, it has proven that adhering to a certain methodology helps our clients grow in a structured way. Hence why we have outlined our services for you in detail below.

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Growth Analysis and Strategy

In most cases, we start our collaboration with a Growth Analysis. As part of this comprehensive analysis, we take a closer look at your company's specific situation and let the data speak for itself.

As a result of our many years’ expertise as well as our strong professional Marketing, Growth Hacking and Sales background, we set a different focus depending on your company's orientation and business field.

This lets us quickly identify growth levers and derive concrete growth measures. Most of our clients also want us to develop a Growth Strategy for them, which we can implement for or together with you.

Online Presence

We look in depth at your website or online shop.

SEO Aspects

Our team considers SEO, content and keyword aspects.

Customer Journey

Recommendations will include UI / UX and user journeys.

Growth Levers

We identify and analyze all relevant growth levers.

Growth Analysis
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Growth Consulting

As our brand Hackabu Growth Consulting already says, we are experts in the field of company growth.

Through many years’ experience, our international growth team and multidisciplinary approach, we have become experts and pioneers in Growth Marketing same as Growth Hacking.

Do you need support with your Marketing and/or Sales Strategy, a consultant to assist with key growth and strategy measures, or simply a sparring partner with whom you can align key data-driven decisions?

This is where Hackabu Growth Consulting comes in. Simply schedule a complimentary call and we can discuss how Hackabu can assist your business.


We are international and English is our working language.


Our multidisciplinary approach brings out the best in us.


Our team trusts data and statistics more than words.


We are pioneers and innovators in whatever we do.

Growth Consulting
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Growth Hacking

When the company was founded there was some thought put into choosing our company name. The term Hackabu was derived from the concept of Growth Hacking (“Hack a Business” => “Hackabu”), which is all about creating steep business growth in a short period of time.

Our approach at Hackabu Growth Consulting today is the same as it was back then and hence still very much influenced by the philosophy of Growth Hacking. Why? Because our Growth Hacking approach has more than proven itself plus our clients are very happy.

To find out how we can help your business grow fast, why not book a free Growth Audit with one of our Growth Hacking experts? We would be more than happy to tell you more about the methodology and principles of Growth Hacking in a personal meeting or call.

Growth Hacking

Our Growth Hacking approach leads to fast business growth.

Growth Consulting

Our growth consultants analyze your business 360°.

Our Principles

We stay true to our principles and growth techniques.

Free Growth Audits

Book a complimentary Growth Audit to get a taste.

Growth Hacking
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Growth Tools & Research

At Hackabu Growth Consulting, we work with a variety of different growth tools and market research instruments. Depending on the size of your company and the areas you are interested in, we can recommend the ideal tools for your specific situation.

As a free service, we offer our clients the Growth Hack Generator tool, where you can find out how to grow your business fast depending on your business goals.

Another popular complimentary Hackabu tool is our Periodic Growth Table, which provides you with a clear overview of the individual growth levers as well as showing you in a simple way what growth measures could make sense for your business.

Growth Tools

We use a broad variety of marketing and sales tools.

Growth Generator

Try out our free Growth Hack Generator online.

Periodic Growth Table

Discover potential growth levers for your business.

Response Modelling

Evaluate and test relevant marketing growth messages.

Tools & Research
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Growth Workshops

A popular service offered by Hackabu Growth Consulting are our Growth Workshops and Webinars. While we offer a free Growth Workshop at least once a year for selected companies on an application basis, most of our workshop and webinar requests come from existing clients.

As part of our workshops or webinars, your growth strategy could be discussed, further developed or established internally. Alternatively, we could also present a completely new marketing, growth or sales-related topic for you.

At Hackabu, we are flexible, agile and can quickly adapt to your internal business processes, hence make the most of a workshop that is tailored to your specific business wishes and needs.


Find out more about our Growth Workshops.


Our online webinars are all tailored to your needs.


Our team also provides on-site seminars across Europe.

Video Calls

We enjoy face-to-face communication and video calls.

Our workshops
Growth Workshops
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