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Growth Consulting Agency

Marketing & Growth Consulting for your Business

As the leading Online Marketing and Growth Hacking agency, Hackabu Growth Consulting offers custom Growth Marketing and Sales Concepts for national and international companies.

Our multidisciplinary team can help you with rapid yet sustainable business growth.

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Lead Generation
Growth Hacking
Online Marketing
Marketing Automation
UX, UI & Website Consulting
Tools & Research
Response Modelling
Funnel Strategy

Digital Marketing Consulting and Implementation

Our Growth Experts are here to support you throughout the whole growth process from start to end - not only in Europe, where our office is located, but also worldwide.

Hackabu Growth Consulting works closely with all clients to implement company growth measures according to our innovative and proven Growth Hacking methodology.

Not only will we put your brand on everyone’s radar, but also develop scalable growth strategies that will help you succeed in today’s business world.

Growth Potential

Analysis of your online presence and growth potential.

Growth Strategy

Develop growth strategy for your company and market.

Prioritized Measures

Identify and prioritize specific growth measures.

Marketing Campaigns

Implement all marketing and sales measures for growth.

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How we work

Our team has a structured, data-driven approach and works in the following phases.


Analysis of your data and business model in great detail


Concept of tailored strategies and custom growth hacks


Experiments and A/B tests to identify hidden growth potential


Definition of growth goals and a timeline to reach them

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Ready To Grow

Business Growth Measures

Do you want to accelerate the growth of your business? Our consulting and advertising agency for Growth Consulting and Growth Hacking helps you step by step to more business growth.

Placing classic advertising will usually no longer be enough for this. Real business growth needs a reality check - a deeper analysis of the status quo of your marketing and sales activities to develop all growth measures as well as a comprehensive Growth Strategy in a structured way.

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting approach is based on a high dose of data and the right amount of know-how, expertise and creativity, so that information about customers, markets and products can be properly understood, interpreted and used.


Multi-disciplinary, international Growth Consulting know-how.


Thinking out of the box to create new growth ideas.


Innovative tools and techniques to be a step ahead.


Purely data-driven marketing and decision-making.

Our Services
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The Hackabu Effekt

Have you heard of the Hackabu Growth Effect yet? Find out more about it here.

Think globally, grow locally

We fuse state-of-the art tech with data and creativity to achieve company growth. And we do so with an eye to the specifics of both your business and the market.

That's why our team thinks globally in order to help your team grow locally, meaning in the respective target markets.

Informed business decisions

Success is 1% inspiration and 99% information. We get you lasting results by building our Growth Strategies and tactics on a bedrock of hard facts.

Most importantly, we always make sure that all business decisions are well-informed and based on solid data.

Set your mind to growth

Think of our Hackabu team as your company's Head of Growth. We take ownership, initiative, and yes, pride – in exceeding your growth goals.

A mind that is focused on growth will ultimately think of ways to achieve an increase of sales and conversions.

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Free Growth Audit

Hackabu Growth Consulting Packages

Our collaborations with our clients usually start with a detailed Growth Analysis. We use our international Marketing, Sales and Growth Hacking expertise as well as various growth tools to identify custom growth potentials for your company.

After a joint call or workshop, where we gather your feedback regarding our recommendations, our Hackabu Growth Consulting team develops your individual growth strategy.

In most cases, we then accompany our clients in the targeted implementation of the individual growth measures, either as a consultant or often in terms of the actual implementation.

Our focus in each case is on knowledge transfer, so that you can become stronger as a company and establish sustainable growth.

Growth Hacking

Our Growth Hackers are best-in-field Growth Marketers.

Business Consulting

Our clients love our custom business consulting approach.


We can generate and implement your strategy.

Know-How Transfer

To pass our know-how on to you is our top-priority.

Our Packages
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Performance Marketing

We are experts with Google Ads, Bing / Microsoft Ads and Social Media Advertising, like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube Ads.


Our team is passionate about SEO, and can optimize your website content on-page, off-page and keyword-wise.

Lead Generation

Our B2B Lead Generation approach helps you to identify and generate valuable contacts for fast business growth.

Funnel Strategy

At Hackabu Growth Consulting, we think in funnels. Hence why our Funnel Strategies have top priority to achieve growth.

Marketing and Sales Skills

Our skills and know-how at Hackabu Growth Consulting have been acquired internationally. Our focus is on the identification of marketing and sales potentials, which we subsequently implement together with our clients.

Do you want to generate online leads, do you need support in Performance Marketing, are you interested in Marketing Automation, or more generally in our Growth Hacking approach?

We can apply our diverse marketing and sales skills to your business and will build all of our recommendations on data-driven analysis and decision-making.

We are also happy to help you with your marketing and sales funnel strategy, incorporating a variety of tools, such as Social Listening or Response Modelling, where we can gather important data based on consumer and market research.

Our Skills
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Industry Focus at Hackabu

At Hackabu Growth Consulting, we advise clients in many different sectors. We are among the frontline specialists in the following business verticals and industries.


We are passionate about software as a business (SaaS) companies.

Most of Hackabu's employees have a SaaS background and a lot of experience in this area.


When it comes to marketing and sales in the e-commerce industry, your company needs to constantly stay on top of all metrics.

We love that and collaborate with many e-commerce start-ups, SMEs and corporations alike.

B2B Lead Gen

B2B Lead Generation can be tough. Getting it right can be even harder.

We at Hackabu can help you find the best lead generation approach for your business and implement it quickly.

Growth Consulting
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Our Projects

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