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Growth Consulting Agency

Hackabu Team

Our Team of Marketing Consultants, Growth Hackers and Sales Consultants has expertise in various different Marketing and Growth disciplines, all while maintaining top quality standards and setting the highest aspirations for ourselves.

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International Innovations

Part of our company philosophy is our constant incorporation of innovation at our Hackabu Growth Consulting team.

Recruiting internationally allows us to enhance our global consulting approach cross-culturally while staying abreast of the latest technologies, so that our growth concepts exceed our clients' demands and expectations.

This is further ensured through our monthly Innovation Days, where each Hackabu employee researches the latest growth techniques and skills on a topic of their specialization and choice - knowledge that is then being shared with the entire team.

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Our Team Members

In the following, we will introduce you to our key team members at Hackabu Growth Consulting. This way, you can get an idea of who we are before meeting us in person and, if you wish, choose one or more specific Hackabu experts to work with

Florian Mott

CEO & Partner

Julia Schlader

Head of Growth


Senior Marketing Manager

Stefan Zechner

Head of Client Services


Brand Strategist




Digital Marketing Manager


Digital Marketing Manager


Office Assistant






Key Account Manager

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