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Hackabu Approach

Our approach at Hackabu Growth Consulting follows one main principle - anything that can't be measured, doesn't exist.

This data-driven approach follows a highly rationale mindset built on proper tracking, which is the foundation of Growth Hacking and our Growth Consulting.

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Digital & Agile

Most of our growth activities take place online, which is why we can stay true to our Hackabu Approach, because for every single digital activity, there are a variety of tools, programs and software that enable reliable tracking and control.

Thus, through systematic work and our creative, multidisciplinary approach, we can advise each company individually and achieve the desired growth effect within the defined time frame. That's 100% Hackabu!

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Our History

Our history at Hackabu Growth Consulting and our international team of Marketing, Sales and Growth Hacking experts goes back to 2017. Based in Vienna, Austria and with English as our main working language, we have always served clients worldwide.

Our Story? Start small, end big! Since our foundation, we have hence recruited the very best Growth Consulting experts and have become global leaders in growth analytics, strategy, growth hacking, lead generation, marketing automation, performance marketing and many more areas.

As an innovative marketing company, we are characterized by our structured "out-of-the-box" approach, in which we combine the ideas and growth concepts of our two Hackabu founders with the latest insights from Growth Consulting, which are always tailored to our respective clients.

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Areas of Expertise

Interested companies contact Hackabu to receive professional Growth Consulting as a Start-up, SME or Corporation. Especially in the DACH region, there are only a few experts who are well versed in both, the conception and the implementation of growth measures.

This is a skill, which we see as one of our USPs - to have the latest marketing knowledge as well as the top growth experts all combined in our Hackabu Growth Consulting Team, whereas we focus both in strategy development and the actual implementation.

Each of our team members has at least one area of expertise, as outlined in our services, in which they have several years’ experience and are constantly educating themselves to be one of the first to learn about the latest trends, mostly directly from the source, like Google or Facebook or from other industry leaders.

Whether you are looking for general Growth Consulting or a consultant in E-commerce, UI / UX Design, Adwords / Google Ads, Growth Hacking or Marketing Automation, our consultants excel in any marketing and sales related discipline.

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Growth Cases

Individuality is at the forefront of our Hackabu approach and projects. For this reason, it is important to us to follow a certain philosophy when identifying growth potential.

It is important to us that we think ourselves into the respective company situation each single time properly, combine our diverse skills in a creative way, use innovative growth tools, conduct many different growth experiments as well as A/B tests, and let the numbers and data speak for themselves.

In this way, each of our projects becomes a Growth Case, which we have compiled for you if you seek some more inspiration for your own company growth.

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