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Growth Marketing Beratung

About Hackabu
Growth Consulting

Hackabu Growth Consulting was founded several years ago
in Vienna, Austria. The goal of our consulting and advertising agency is to support companies worldwide with rapid yet sustainable business growth.

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Our Approach

Our international Hackabu team works in an agile, multidisciplinary way and disposes of innovative knowledge in different areas of Marketing, Growth Consulting and Sales.

While our working language is English, clients can choose to be looked after in English, German or any of the other languages we speak. Learn more about our approach at Hackabu.


Our agile work environment lets us work in a flexible way.


Combining various different disciplines is our strength.


We like to be one or two steps ahead of everyone else.


We think differently and appreciate diversity.

Our Approach
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Hackabu Expertise

As the word Hackabu suggests, our company name has been derived from the concept of Growth Hacking.

This is an innovative marketing and sales approach that originated in the start-up industry and aims at rapid, ideally exponential company growth.

This can be brought about in a variety of ways, although our marketing agency specializes very strongly in digital marketing activities and always keeps an eye on the ROI.


We consult on all aspects of online and offline marketing.

Digitale Expertise

Our digital focus lets us track whatever is out there.


We also help you with sales optimization and strategies.

Growth Hacking

Our roots go back to Growth Hacking principles and tools.

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Growth Consulting Projects

Our Hackabu online agency works on projects with startups, SMEs and international corporations to generate and implement the most effective growth ideas.

Our comprehensive Growth Analyses and Strategies will be individually tailored to your company and build on a wide range of growth tools, software and marketing/sales methods.

We are also available to assist you with the set-up and implementation of lead generation techniques, growth hacking, SEO, performance marketing and growth measures.

To see which clients we have already worked with, feel free to look up our project overview. There, you will find some of our Growth Projects with short descriptions of each of them.

Local Businesses

Our consultants collaborate with every company, no matter your business size.

Regional SME

We hep regional small and medium sized enterprises expand.

National Corporation

Hackabu works with national corporations and helps with international expansions.

International Group

You can also make use of our expertise and own international background.

Our Projects
Growth Cases

Our Growth Story

Our Hackabu journey began over four years ago, where our founders developed a data-driven technique to achieve maximum business growth with minimal effort.

The method worked so well that soon, many companies across Europe asked us to help them grow as well.

In the meantime, we have achieved a lot of growth ourselves, are now embedded in an Austrian advertising and event agency group and have acquired many more growth marketing and sales skills to help our clients identify and implement innovative custom growth strategies.

Maximum Growth

We help you get the most out of your business.

Minimal Effort

Our principles is to use existing resources wisely.

Our Skills

Hackabu's skills will be your skills, so make use of them.

Our Services

Choose your ideal set of services for fast growth.

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Pioneers in Digital Marketing

Our Growth Hacking advertising agency consists of a team of digital marketers who achieve targeted growth for companies of all sizes.

From large corporations and traditional businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), scale-ups and start-ups, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve sustainable growth in a structured way.

Our Hackabu Growth Consulting team has a variety of different skills, knowledge and know-how in Marketing, Growth Hacking and Sales, and within our industry, we are being considered as pioneers of digital marketing.

Google Ads

Conquer your target market with our Google Ads support.

Facebook Ads

Influence on Social Media through innovative ads.


Make sure your website is SEO friendly and UI / UX optimized.

& Co

Need help with something else? Talk to us!

Our Team
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Our Company Philosophy

We love a good philosophy as this is the basis for shared principles, values and a solid company vision. Learn more about ours!


We are a team of growth experts working hard to help your company growth in the most efficient way.

No matter the size of your business or your goals, we will accelerate your business growth through our interdisciplinary approach.


Our accumulated international knowledge allows us to stay ahead of market trends.

Thanks to our diversity and internationality, we can offer you support anywhere at any time.

Growth as a Goal

The growth of your company is what drives us every day.

We will put all our passion and creativity into your individual project and work with full commitment to achieve your KPIs and goals both short and long term.

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